Monday, October 20, 2008

Things I Love About Africa

  1. Jacaranda trees other vibrant plants and birds. Nothing is subtle here. Plants and animals are painted in bright colors not found in nature. But wait - it IS nature!
  2. Avocados and other tropical fruits are inexpensive and delicious. Too bad I don't like tropical fruits.
  3. A wonderful housekeeper who does my laundry and changes my sheets twice a week, and tries to get me to go to church with her.
  4. Katembas where you can buy lunch for 40 cents. I think the food is probably safe to eat, but the dishes and utensils are a bit suspect.
  5. NGO staffers are incredibly committed to their cause. They really do want to make a difference in the world and are not just here for the adventure.
  6. When it’s not raining, the weather is great - temperate, not humid and lots of sunshine.
  7. The people are very warm and friendly, and love to discuss US politics.

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