Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hanging out with the Creative Types

As my fan base maybe disappointed not to find a blog on Monday morning due to my weekend trip to Zanzibar, here’s a little tidbit to keep you going until I return.

The other day, a friend forwarded an email from a member of the Special Libraries Association looking for someone to speak about Knowledge Management in Nairobi. Small world - the woman who had posted the request was someone I had met last Saturday night at dinner. At the time, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her, but made a note that I wanted to in the future.

The posting was a perfect reason and we decided to get together for drinks. It was interesting to learn about her position as an information professional at the US Embassy. One of her responsibilities is to put together library programs throughout Kenya for end-users as well as create professional development programs for MLS students and library professionals. It was fascinating to talk about the future of information management with someone with both an NGO and governmental background.

No sooner had we sat down for drinks, when a colleague of hers phoned and asked if we would be interested in attending the opening of a photography exhibit. The colleague is a public affairs officer and develops embassy-sponsored cultural programs for Kenyans as part of a goodwill effort. The show was in one of the galleries at the same museum I had been at the other evening, and was an exhibit of A Day in the Life of Nairobi. Twelve local photographers were assigned to capture all aspects of the city. There were some great shots of everything ranging from work to play. My favorite was one of a group of children pushing their broken down school bus - a not uncommon sight.

It was an unexpected evening, but even more surprising was that I once again ran into my graphic design friends. Either they pop up everywhere or I do, but I’m definitely starting to get hooked into the local artist community here.


The Life and Times of Donovan said...

Totally off topic- Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from the boring old USA. Love from Tom, Pat and Donovan

Colleen said...

I have been thinking about you-all the thanksgiving marblehead stuff makes me extra sentimental. thought blogging would send me an email because i am clueless. thought you were just really busy. kids suggested i click on site you sent many months ago. exciting and wonderful adventure you are having! same ole same ole here. i know now that i can check up on you. i think berit was hitting africa on one of her adventures - what a small world it would be if you bumped into her. wishing you good help and happiness. love clueless colleen

Meet Melida said...

Hello, Hello! Well, perhaps it's simply that you are a creative type, too? Something to think about... Be well!

Julie Rackliffe Lucey said...

The scope of your network continues to expand--you always DO manage to hook up with the artsy people!

Think if the "buffer-person" possibilities when you get home--you can charge and arm and a leg!!

Wait til you hear the rest of the story, btw....